The Fresh Steps plan integrates with HealthTrac to conveniently and seamlessly track progress,

2-Way Texting

In this way, you or your provider will be able to set you up with a daily text message reminder for certain metrics you would like to track. Replying to a text will automatically send the information to your HealthTrac account, allowing tracking to be simple, convenient and seamless.

Linking/Syncing Activity Devices

You can link your Fitbit, Jawbone or Apple Watch device to HealthTrac so that the information with automatically populate into the app, making tracking on the go a seamless and convenient experience.

Color My Day

The hallmark feature of the program! The simplest way of following your commitment with the program.

Free Download

The HealthTrac app is a free download to anyone using an iPhone or Android device. When can you get anything free nowadays?!


Color My Day